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OSG Technology Area Meeting, 17 April 2017

Coordinates: Conference: 719-284-5267, PIN: 57363;



Triage Duty

  • This week: Suchandra
  • Next week: Mat
  • 5 (+1) open tickets


# of tickets Δ State
166 +14 Open
17 +1 In Progress
0 0 Ready for Testing
15 —15 Ready for Release

Release Schedule

Version Development Freeze Package Freeze Release Notes
3.3.24 2017-04-25 2017-05-01 2017-05-09
3.3.25 2017-05-30 2017-06-05 2017-06-13 5 week cycle

Notes: Additional “urgent” releases may be scheduled for the 4th Tuesday of each month. The Testing date is when acceptance testing will be scheduled for releasable packages; if a package is added after this date, it may not be possible to schedule adequate testing time, thereby forcing it into the next release.

OSG Software Team

  • Dev freeze next week but limited testing time due to HTCondor week and Suchandra's vacation
  • XRootD 4.6.1 release candidate testing at UNL


  • Marian will speak with Mat about proper XRootD release candidate versioning name
  • BrianL will look into system dashboard solution for missing project summary page
  • For testing gratia-probe/GRACC interaction, there is a GRACC testing interface that doesn't store the records but provides the proper responses to the probes
  • UPITT (Marian) - XRootD assistance (

Support Update

  • BNL (BrianL/Derek) - Worked with Xin to investigate missing CE ScheddAd from central collector caused by this bug

OSG Release Team

3.3.24 Δ Status
17 +17 Open
6 +6 In Progress
0 0 Ready for Testing
0 0 Ready for Release
23 +23 Total

OSG 3.3.24

  • Ready for Testing
    • None yet
  • Ready for Release
    • None yet


If XRootD 4.6.1 isn't ready by the package freeze, we will revisit the stability of the release candidates

OSG Investigations Team

Last Week

  • GRACC operations transition
  • XRootD bugs in caching and HTTPS connections. Seems to be fixed.
  • Blahp merge work continues. Now on to getting binaries in the correct areas.

This Week

  • More GRACC Operations transition
  • More BLAHP merge
  • move * CVMFS repos to new host


  • Gratia V2: Derek will be working on this. Jira project: GRACC. Project documentation located at
  • New StashCache server packaging that is coming out of our collaboration with Syracuse. Authenticated StashCache Package incoming after papers completed.