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OSG Technology Area Meeting, 8 May 2017

Coordinates: Conference: 719-284-5267, PIN: 57363;

Attending: BrianB, BrianL, Carl, Derek, Edgar, Marian, Mat, Suchandra, TimC, TimT


Triage Duty

  • This week: BrianL
  • Next week: Carl
  • 7 (−3) open tickets


# of tickets Δ State
161 −3 Open
20 +2 In Progress
4 −14 Ready for Testing
16 +15 Ready for Release

Release Schedule

Version Development Freeze Package Freeze Release Notes
3.3.24 2017-04-25 2017-05-01 2017-05-09
3.3.25 2017-05-30 2017-06-05 2017-06-13 5 week cycle
3.3.26 2017-06-26 2017-07-03 2017-07-11 Independence Day

Notes: Additional “urgent” releases may be scheduled for the 4th Tuesday of each month. The Testing date is when acceptance testing will be scheduled for releasable packages; if a package is added after this date, it may not be possible to schedule adequate testing time, thereby forcing it into the next release.

OSG Software Team

  • Dropped unused JIRA ticket types; still need to summarize remaining types
  • OSG 3.4 preparation in full force
  • TWiki -> GH doc transition needs to begin


None this week

Support Update

  • CHTC (BrianL/Jeff) - Asssisted Moate with bringing their frontend back up; turned out to just be a dead httpd service
  • UW-Madison (Carl) - Working on discrepancies with APEL reporting

OSG Release Team

  • Tim Theisen is handling the May 9th release
  • Release tomorrow
  • VO Package v73 - release this week (Wednesday or Thursday)
3.3.24 Δ Status
0 -2 Open
0 -3 In Progress
0 -14 Ready for Testing
17 +16 Ready for Release
17 -3 Total

OSG 3.3.24

  • Ready for Release
    • osg-configure 1.7.0
      • Edit lcmaps.db to use the VOMS plugin
        • Add template lcmaps.db files
      • Make all attributes relating to the defunct BDII service optional
      • Don't error out if user-vo-map missing, issue warning with suggestion
    • CVMFS X.509 helper - fix for running inside a container
    • gsissh in tarballs
    • Fix HTCondor Gratia probe to not call .eval() if not present
    • osg-build 1.9.0
      • Split osg-build into subpackages
      • add supprt for git repos in .source files (for HCC)
      • osg-build notes default options
      • add support for 3.4
    • Upcoming: HTCondor 8.6.2
    • Upcoming: GlideinWMS 3.3.2


None this week

OSG Investigations Team

Investigations team is taking a week or 2 of intense effort towards packaging StashCache Authenticated Server.

Last Week

  • Debug some GRACC issues with new changes to OIM VO Field of Science
  • BLAHP work, lots of little changes here and there.
  • StashCache documentation for admins of caches & origins
  • Gather investigation publications for Tim et. al.

This Week

  • Hopefully limited GRACC transition.
  • Lots of StashCache authenticated packaging.