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Release Schedule

OSG Software Release Schedule

To help with predictability and align with the GOC update schedule, we have adopted a fixed release schedule. OSG Software will be released on the second Tuesday of the month. Urgent releases could happen on the fourth Tuesday of the month.

Release Cycle Phases

Various "Freeze" dates will happen in the weeks leading up to the release. They are as follows:

  • Development Freeze (end of the day on the Monday two weeks before release):
    • The remaining testing is planned for this release.
    • Packages are considered for inclusion in the release on this date.
    • Some additional work on the packages may be done later in the day.
    • All packages to be tested, need to be promoted to the testing repository by the end of the day.
    • We will schedule testing for all packages at this date.
    • If a package is promoted after this date, it may not get tested in time for the release.
  • Package Freeze (end of the day on the Monday one week before release):
    • The intended release set is determined.
    • Packages that have been tested will be promoted to the prerelease repository as they are ready.
    • New packages that have short predictable testing cycle will be accepted for release.
  • Prerelease Freeze (2 PM Central on the Friday before release):
    • Last minute decision of which packages are included.
    • Packages will be run through the automated tests just prior to release.
    • Tarball clients will be created just prior to release.
  • Release (second or fourth Tuesday of the month):
    • The software packages are placed in the release repositories.
    • The release is announced.

If a freeze date falls on a holiday, it will be moved to the next business day. Exceptions for freezes may be made at the discretion of the Release Manager.

Example Schedule

Example schedule for the September 2017 release:

Phase Date
Development Freeze Monday, 8/28 at 5 PM
Package Freeze Monday, 9/5 at 5 PM
Prerelease Freeze Friday, 9/9 at 2 PM
Release Tuesday, 9/12