This documentation is legacy. Please view the current documentation on the OSG Documentation website.

This documentation is for Site Admins and OSG Operations team who manage StashCache nodes (origin or cache server; or redirectors). Main functionality of StashCache is based on XRootD technology, there are other components involved to function StashCache properly, though. E.g. if you are a user of "stashcp" you want to follow this document instead.

StashCache operations consist of the following documents:

  • StashCache caches: Managed by an organization, "cache" server to keep data cached and immediately available (via stashcp)within Stash federation (without re-transfering from "origin").
  • StashCache origins: Managed by an organization, "origin" is data server to host files locally and serve them to users upon transfer request (via stashcp) unless data are already cached.
  • StashCache redirectors: Redirectors are managed by OSG Operations. Redirectors help clients locate the correct origin server to retrieve data.
  • StashCache upgrades: Keeps track of versions deployed at sites as well as other information about OS, system resources, connectivity, etc.