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OSG All-Hands Meeting 2018 – Local Details

The Open Science Grid (OSG) All-Hands Meeting 2018 will be held March 19–22 at the University of Utah.

For information about hotels, please see the hotels page.

Conference Venue

The meeting will be in the Officers Club (150 S Fort Douglas Blvd) on the University of Utah campus. Their site contains photos and maps of the location. Room assignments will be shown in the Indico timetable and there will be signs in the facility with each day’s schedule.


Salt Lake City is easy to navigate, and most roads are laid out on a simple north-south/east-west grid system. There is a local shorthand for describing locations relative to the city center (Temple Square), which is very logical but may take a bit of getting used to. The University is east of the center, nestled up against the mountains, and the airport is to the west. All the usual mapping tools will help get you around town.

Here are some transportation resources for the University and Salt Lake City:

(The University of Utah and Open Science Grid do not endorse or recommend any particular third-party transportation services. The links above refer to only some of the available transportation options.)


The conference hotel has its own parking lot and is a very short walk to the Officers Club, so there is no need for separate hotel and conference parking if you stay there.

For attendees who drive to the meeting from elsewhere, we will be assigned a parking lot and you can park there for free during the days of the meeting. Details on which parking lot to use will be posted closer to the event.