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OSG All-Hands Meeting 2019

The Open Science Grid (OSG) and Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (JLab) invite you to attend:

HSF, OSG, and WLCG Workshop (HOW2019)
March 18–22
Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility, Newport News, VA

The traditional OSG All-Hands Meeting is incorporated into this joint workshop, while providing extra opportunities to interact with members of the high-energy physics (HEP) computing community.

Note: Due to the joint meeting, the overall schedule of OSG topics is different this year. For instance, the usual Monday schedule of US-ATLAS, US-CMS, and FIFE sessions has changed. Please check the timetable (link below) carefully for details.


  • How OSG helps transform science through access to vast computing resources
  • OSG partnerships with resource providers, science users, and other stakeholders
  • Special focus this year on distributed data and networking
  • Challenges and OSG solutions for distributed high throughput computing applications
  • Connecting virtual organizations, campus researchers, and XSEDE users to the OSG
  • New technologies, including containers, GPUs, and support for machine learning
  • Training and education workshops


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