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OSG All-Hands Meeting 2022

OSG and the University of Oklahoma invite you to attend:

14–18 March 2022
In-person: The University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK
Online: Zoom

Details on registration (in-person and online), costs (in-person only), facilities, and so forth will be posted soon (January).


We are planning a hybrid event:

  • If you register for and travel to the University of Oklahoma for the in-person components, you can mingle with colleagues, have planned or ad hoc meetings, attend workshops or training events, and join hack-a-thons.

  • In addition, everyone can enjoy the same kind of presentations and discussions as in the past 2 years, whether in-person or online.


Focus areas for 2022 will include:

  • State of OSG and vision for its future
  • New types of resources that support new types of applications
  • Research that benefitted from OSG
  • Campus services and experiences, and NSF Campus Cyberinfrastructure (CC*)
  • Impact on multi-institutional collaborations, including U.S. LHC Projects


In-person participation will include a standard registration fee; online-only participation will continue to be free. Required registration for both components will open in January 2022.

Note that there will be an initial registration deadline of February 17. If at least 30 people register for the in-person components by that date, we can proceed with the hybrid event; otherwise, we will have to cancel the in-person components and have just the online components.


For questions or comments, please email our events mailing list.

  • Frank W├╝rthwein, OSG Executive Director and Meeting Chair
  • Horst Severini, Local Chair