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Configuring a submit host to flock to OSG

If you have a HTCondor submit node on your campus, it can be configured to spill over onto available resources on the Open Science Grid. In HTCondor terms this is called flocking

If you are interested in this solution, please open a new ticket with the hostname.


The requirements are:

  • A public IP address, forward and reverse DNS.
  • Ability to open a few firewall incoming ports to the WAN.
  • HTCondor has to authenticate via pool GSI (preffered) or password. For GSI, the submit host has to have a host certificate.
  • Reporting to the OSG accounting system has to be enabled. This can be accomplished by installing and configuring the gratia-probe-condor and gratia-probe-glideinwms RPMs.
  • Submitted jobs should have the +ProjectName attribute specified with a valid registered project name.

Required Packages

Enable the OSG Yum repository.

Install the packages required:

[email protected] # yum install osg-flock

Gratia Probe Configuration

  1. Copy over the recommended probe configuration:

    [email protected] # cp /etc/gratia/condor/ProbeConfig-flocking /etc/gratia/condor/ProbeConfig
  2. Fill in the values for ProbeName and SiteName with the hostname and Topology resource name, respectively. For example:


Please remember to enable and start the probe:

[email protected] # systemctl enable gratia-probes-cron
[email protected] # systemctl start gratia-probes-cron

GSI: Requesting a Host Certificate

A host certificate is used for authenticating your submit host to the OSG infrastructure. If you do not already have a certificate, you can request one using these instructions

Optional Pool Password: HTCondor Configuration

This section is optional and should be only considered if the local admin cannot obtain a host certificate for their submit host. To enable pool password authentication place a file here: /etc/condor/config.d/90-flock-pool-password.conf with the following contents.

   #-- Flock to the OSG using pool password
   SEC_PASSWORD_FILE = /etc/condor/pool_password

Project Names

OSG will only run jobs tagged with a valid ProjectName - this is the main attribute used for accounting. Please open at ticket to register a new project. Jobs should specify which project to be accounted against by adding the +ProjectName attribute. Note that the value is a string and hence the double quotes are required. For example:

+ProjectName = "Some_Name_Here"

Get Help

If you need help with setup or troubleshooting, see our help procedure.