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OSG Technology Area Meeting, 29 January 2018

Coordinates: Conference: 719-284-5267, PIN: 57363;
Attending: BrianL, Carl, Derek, Edgar, Marian, Mat, TimC, TimT


  • Suchandra will only be available in the afternoons until Feb 5
  • TimT will be gone starting next Monday, returning Feb 19

Triage Duty

  • This week: Suchandra
  • Next week: Carl
  • 23 (+13) open tickets


# of tickets Δ State
123 -11 Open
23 -10 In Progress
24 +6 Ready for Testing
5 +1 Ready for Release

OSG Software Team

  • 15 tickets will be opened with edg-mkgridmap/GUMS sites to transition to LCMAPS VOMS authentication
    • There are already instructions for edg-mkgridmap to transition.
      The timeline we'd like to see is that edg-mkgridmap sites transition by the end of March.
    • GUMS sites are trickier:
      • If they attach their GUMS config, MAKE SURE THEIR DB USERNAME/PASS ARE REDACTED
      • Find out what GUMS clients they may have: CE, gridftp, xrootd, dcache, bestman. The first three all support LCMAPS VOMS auth, dcache and bestman2 do not. They cannot turn off their GUMS until they transition off of dcache/bestman2.
      • Let Carl know of any attached GUMS configs and the output of `rpm -q osg-gums-config`.
  • GCT: Frank Scheiner registered Gitbook/ReadTheDocs orgs but hasn't worked on the documentation other than that. Let's get started on making the transition from Globus to GCF/GCT. I can help setup GitHub docs.
  • OSG 3.4.7
    • HDFS tested at Nebraska, looks good over the weekend
    • Can we sneak HTCondor into this release?
  • GOC tickets should be closed in favor of JIRA tickets if the user agrees to it (GOC vs JIRA):
  • Doc Focus 2 is scheduled for 1pm CST on Feb 1


Edgar would like notes on how to determine what auth clients are using for help with the LCMAPS VOMS transition

Support Update

  • (Carl) - errors are showing because of empty data from GRACC; trying to replicate
  • Nebraska/Purdue (Derek) - Issues with CPU usage being reported to the WLCG.

OSG Release Team

3.4.7 Δ Status
0 -7 Open
0 -16 In Progress
25 +11 Ready for Testing
5 +1 Ready for Release
30 -11 Total
  • 3.4.7
    • HDFS 2.6 and supporting packages
      • xrootd-hdfs
      • gridftp-hdfs
    • HTCondor 8.6.9
    • HTCondor 8.7.6
    • Singularity 2.4.2: Major upgrade from 2.3.2
    • frontier-squid 3.5.27-2.1
    • Pegasus 4.8.1
    • osg-pki-tools: fix to osg-user-cert-renew
    • PerfSonar tools meta-package
      • owamp
      • nuttcp
      • bwctl
    • Remove dependencies on osg-version
    • osg-ca-generator 1.3.0
      • backups should be created if using –force
      • Generate LSC file
    • Remove Slurm from osg-contrib


Expect TimT's proposal for making documentation review part of the release process this week

OSG Investigations Team

  • CMS WLCG cpu utilization debugging
  • OSG Docker images are getting a bit big, working with user support team to audit their contents
  • Doc Focus this week!
  • New PS service coming to GRACC
  • HTCondor xfer stats



Derek will follow up with Scott T to update HTCondor to a version that supports xfer stats