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OSG Technology Area Meeting, 25 June 2018

Coordinates: Conference: 719-284-5267, PIN: 57363;
Attending: BrianL, Carl, Derek, Edgar, Marian, Mat, Suchandra, TimT


  • CHEP (July 7 - July 13): Edgar attending (also at CERN the week before)
  • OSG User School (July 9 - July 13): BrianL, Derek, TimT attending

Triage Duty

  • This week: Carl
  • Next week: TimT
  • 7 (-4) open tickets


# of tickets Δ State
116 +1 Open
28 -1 In Progress
15 +6 Ready for Testing
2 +1 Ready for Release

OSG Software Team

  • OSG 3.4.14
    • Goal is to release next week, get builds RFT at the beginning of the week
    • Waiting on builds for osg-configure, osg-pki-tools, and RSV
  • Firewall rules for the Madison ITB need to be updated to allow the UCSD factory
  • Remember to update your Y7 effort tracking numbers. I'd also like to start tracking time spent on specific-projects.


  • Mat is developing a process to upload tarballs to He will run it by Mattias after we test it with the pre-release tarballs.
  • Carl (AI): update firewall rules on Madison ITB

Support Update

  • IceCube (TimT): Users had issues with CILogon OpenID user certs
  • Topology (BrianL, Mat): Miscellaneous topology and contact updates
  • University of Florida (Derek, Carl): Missing jobs in GRACC. Spoke with Carl, may be race condition in how we handle Slurm job with gratia probes. Will recommend the HTCondor-CE gratia probe, if possible.

OSG Release Team

3.4.14 Δ Status
6 +6 Open
7 +7 In Progress
13 +13 Ready for Testing
2 +2 Ready for Release
28 +28 Total
  • OSG 3.4.14
    • Testing
      • glideinWMS switchboard???
      • RSV with Apache 2.3
      • gratia
        • twiki links
        • PBS/LSF update last timestamp for empty log file
        • htcondor-ce spam control
      • BLAHP - new version
      • HDFS 2.6
      • lcmaps-plugins-verify-proxy
    • Ready for Release
      • GlideinWMS 3.4 (Upcoming)
      • OWAMP 3.5.6
  • Data
    • Nothing yet
  • GOC
    • Testing
      • repo-update-cadist: RPM packaging (Waiting for other changes)
      • Drop from mirror list
    • Ready for Release
      • Nothing yet


  • Need to update process for generating and uploading src debs for the CA distributions
  • Holding back glideinwms-switchboard
  • TimT (AI): If IGTF releases, Zalak may be unavilable. Contact the security team.

OSG Investigations Team


Derek's Operations time will be going down by mid-july. Put onto other projects. I will coordinate with ops for any development that is needed, but things like puppetizing and day to day operations, I will not be involved in.


  • (Ongoing) Getting sites to transition to the new HTCondor collector
  • Discussion of SLA's, availability metrics…
  • Puppetize: Collectors, ~~topology~~, GRACC
  • One of the OASIS nodes moving to new host, need to send announcement.


In Progress:

  • Working on releasing Writeable Stashcache as production
  • Beginning work with Internet2 to place StashCache in connection points.



  • Anvil Cloud downtime: HCC offered hardware to hold us over and they should be up 1 week before the downtime. The exact downtime dates aren't scheduled yet.
  • Derek (AI): separate actual hosts for ITB host (instead of VHosts). Waiting on puppet modules.
  • Marian (AI): replica needs to be rebuilt, email BrianL, Derek, Jeff, TimC, and TimT about SLA and notification