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OSG Technology Area Meeting, 22 October 2018

Coordinates: Conference: 719-284-5267, PIN: 57363;
Attending: BrianL, Carl, Derek, Edgar, Mat, TimT


  • IRIS-HEP kickoff at UChicago 10/31-11/2
  • GitHub is still recovering from network partition/DB failures over the weekend. See for details.
  • Marian will be at CERN all week

Triage Duty

  • This week: Carl
  • Next week: Edgar
  • 3 (-1) open tickets


# of tickets Δ State
139 +1 Open
18 +4 In Progress
4 -1 Ready for Testing
1 +1 Ready for Release

OSG Software Team

  • 3.4.19
    • XRootD 4.8.5 released this morning, Marian will be cutting a build, and we need someone to dev test it
    • GlideinWMS 3.4.1 released last week. Need a dev tester.
    • Need to kick off VMU tests for osg-test
    • GSI OpenSSH? StashCP packaging?
  • There are a few remaining doc focus tickets that haven't been started
  • Reminder: topology and especially downtime updates should be considered high priority. Please watch the topology GitHub repo.
  • AI (TimT): Update your Y7 effort numbers


  • AI (BrianL) - Will pick volunteers for GlideinWMS/XRootD VMU tests. Kick off osg-test VMU tests.
  • AI (Mat) - Punt 3.4.20 tickets, try to sneak a new build of StashCache into 3.4.19, and untag GlideinWMS 3.4 from upcoming
  • AI (Edgar) - will test GlideinWMS 3.4.1 when it's ready in osg-testing
  • AI (Carl) - Condor prerelease builds + VMU tests

Support Update

Test frontend (Edgar) - Fixed. The problem was due to GlideinWMS scripts (a CMS frontend using OSG scripts). This class of problem will go away with the built-in GlideinWMS Singularity support.

OSG Release Team

3.4.19 Δ Status
6 +0 Open
4 +1 In Progress
2 -1 Ready for Testing
1 +1 Ready for Release
13 +1 Total
  • OSG 3.4.19
    • Testing
      • Release autopyfactory 2.4.9
      • Release OSG flock submit host packaging
    • Ready for Release
      • Improve StashCache packaging
  • Data
    • Nothing on the horizon
  • Operations
    • repo-update-cadist updates (low priority)


  • Release likely this week, both GlideinWMS and XRootD released recently
  • AI (TimT): Coordinate with Edgar about issues with submitting pilots to the Madison ITB

OSG Investigations Team

Marian at CERN this week.

  • XRootD-scitokens release coming!
  • SciTokens released, 1.2.1. Building in osg-devel.
  • PyJWT built in osg-devel. Need to run some tests.
  • XRootD-macaroons: Developer testing. Difficult to test (need some infrastructure to setup)
  • XRootD-TPC in osg-contrib

Edgar, Derek, Brian, Marian all involved in CHEP papers that are due at the end of this month.



  • AI (BrianL) - Talk with BrianB and Derek about SciTokens for EL6
  • AI (Derek) - Get BrianL IRIS-DOMA doc