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OSG Technology Area Meeting, 5 November 2018

Coordinates: Conference: 719-284-5267, PIN: 57363;


  • OSG Annual Planning Retreat at UW-Madison, 11/6-11/8

Triage Duty

  • This week: Mat
  • Next week: TimT
  • 4 (+0) open tickets


# of tickets Δ State
140 +3 Open
17 -4 In Progress
2 -5 Ready for Testing
2 +2 Ready for Release

OSG Software Team

  • AI (TimT, Carl): Update your Year 7 and Year 6 effort numbers
  • 3.4.21
    • AI (Mat, TimT): osg-update-certs from the osg-ca-scripts package potentially has remaining dependencies on CA md5sums
    • AI (Carl): HDFS-FUSE on EL6 (and uniform package versions/releease numbers across EL6/EL7)
  • XRootD Overhaul
  • Doc focus
    • AI (Mat): Send out a doodle poll for the next doc focus
    • AI (BrianL): Review PRs, finish XRootD overview
    • AI (TimT): start doc focus tickets
  • Only use site-relative links without the .md extension (OSG markdown style guide)
  • Reminder: topology and especially downtime updates should be considered high priority. Please watch the topology GitHub repo.


None this week

Support Update

  • AGLT2 (BrianL): Load issues and the trigger appears to be HTCondor/CVMFS/kernel related
  • New Mexico State (BrianL): BOSCO home dir sharing requirements for condor batch systems: WN client and glidein proxy distribution

OSG Release Team

3.4.21 Δ Status
7 +7 Open
3 +3 In Progress
0 +0 Ready for Testing
0 +0 Ready for Release
10 +10 Total
  • OSG 3.4.21
    • Testing
      • Nothing yet
      • Nothing yet
    • Ready for Release
      • Nothing yet
  • Data
    • IGTF 1.94 (on-hold)
  • Operations
    • repo-update-cadist updates (low priority)


  • AI (TimT): Coordinate with Edgar about issues with submitting pilots to the Madison ITB

OSG Investigations Team

Derek will not attend next week's meeting, on way to SuperComputing conference for StashCache presentation. Delegating to Marian.

  • XRootD-scitokens 0.6.0, SciTokens 1.2.1, and PyJWT released.
  • XRootD-macaroons: Difficult to test, but tested!
  • StashCache presentation to WLCG-DOMA group went well.
  • Networking emphasis this week.
  • Giving StashCache presentation next week at SC18.



  • None this week