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OSG Technology Area Meeting, 11 February 2019

Coordinates: Conference: 719-284-5267, PIN: 57363;
Attending: BrianL, Carl, Edgar, Marian, Mat, TimT


Triage Duty

  • This week: Edgar
  • Next week: Mat
  • 8 (+1) open tickets


# of tickets Δ State
157 +7 Open
43 +5 In Progress
2 +0 Ready for Testing
2 +1 Ready for Release

OSG Software Team

  • 3.4.24
    • XRootD 4.9.0 RC5 built, RC6 expected soon
    • AI (BrianL): HTCondor-CE and condor-cron builds to support HTCondor 8.9.0
    • AI (Edgar): TPC test setup is complete, just need to write the TPC test
  • Doc Focus
    • Next doc focus this week 2/14
    • AI (BrianL): PR reviews


AI (BrianL) - Follow-up with Marco about GWMS w.r.t. condor 8.9.0 security config changes

Support Update

  • AGLT2 (BrianL): high load on some worker nodes (ls /tmp hangs) with some ATLAS jobs using 100% of swap. Spent last week sorting out login issues.
  • AMNH (BrianL): Successfully set up job submission to the AMNH Slurm cluster. There's a BLAHP/Slurm issue that Suchandra had workaround hacks for that we'll need to investigate.
  • LIGO (Mat): GSI-OpenSSH hanging issue, gave them some debugging instructions.
  • Topology (Carl): Copy-paste error of downtime created some issues for our consumers. We will be adding a validation check for CreatedTime.
  • UFL (Derek): Missing January accounting records due to a Slurm update that broke our database queries. Bockjoo has a workaround that has temporarily solved this issue but we'd like to solve this more sustainably (SOFTWARE-1588).

OSG Release Team

3.4.24 Δ; Status
9 +0 Open
18 +2 In Progress
2 +0 Ready for Testing
2 +1 Ready for Release
31 +3 Total
  • OSG 3.4.24
    • Ready for Testing
      • gsi-openssh 7.4p1-2.3
      • GlideinWMS 3.4.3
    • Ready for Release
      • Upcoming
        • HDFS-FUSE for EL6
        • Singularity 3.0.3
  • Data
    • Nothing
  • Operations
    • Nothing
  • Contrib
    • Nothing


None this week

OSG Investigations Team

  • Edgar is working with Jaime to sort out condor_ssh_to_job with GlideinWMS + Singularity
  • New Perfsonar collectors testing in parallel data pipeline.
  • Still waiting on XRootD 4.9 release for XCache 1.0
  • Writing PEARC paper for StashCache.



None this week