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OSG Technology Area Meeting, 8 April 2019

Coordinates: Conference: 719-284-5267, PIN: 57363;
Attending: BrianL, Carl, Derek, Edgar, Marian, Mat, TimT


Triage Duty

  • This week: BrianL
  • Next week: Carl
  • 12 (+1) open tickets


# of tickets Δ State
173 +0 Open
31 +3 In Progress
19 -7 Ready for Testing
4 +1 Ready for Release

OSG Software Team

  • VMU tests will be moved from osghost to a VM residing on osghost (osg-sw-submit)
  • library and ingwe will be retired and replaced by


  • GridFTP packages are tested but MyProxy packages have not been
  • XRootD 4.9.1 has been released and needs to be promoted to testing

Support Update

  • GLOW (Carl): Sent in the request to UW DoIT for the new VO certificate
  • GlueX (Edgar): Due to some certificate changes at the UConn frontend collector GlueX resources are unavailable to the frontends. They aren't completely dead in the water, though, since they are flocking to the OSG pool.
  • Notre Dame (Derek, Edgar): some extensive network usage going back to Wisconsin so they've banned the GLOW VO. Currently being investigated.
  • UFL (Carl, Derek): We've provided Bockjoo a custom package to fix his missing accounting data from Jan/Feb. There may be some complications because they have a temporary
  • UConn (Mat, Derek): setting up a StashCache origin is getting complicated to fetch from their local dCache. Their XRootD-dCache is reporting to the OSG redirector (Freshdesk 8513)

OSG Release Team

3.4.27 Δ Status
2 +1 Open
5 -1 In Progress
19 +0 Ready for Testing
4 +1 Ready for Release
0 +0 Closed
30 +1 Total
  • OSG 3.4.27 - This week
    • Ready for Testing
      • StashCache/XCache (13 tickets)
      • HTCondor CE 3.2.2
      • MyProxy using GCT
      • cctools 7.0.11
    • Ready for Release
      • GridFTP using GCT
      • CVMFS 2.6.0
      • koji 1.11.1-1.1
      • osg-pki-tools 3.2.1
  • Data
    • Nothing
  • Operations
    • Nothing
  • Contrib
    • Nothing


  • AI (TimT): Determine the number of times we've promoted packages to testing to see if we need a new mailing list for the community testing announcements

OSG Investigations Team

  • Moving forward with new SciTokens setup at OSG-Connect. Need to coordinate switchover. Daily poking of osg-connect team. Admittidely, they seem un-motivated. Will motivate with... snacks?
  • Derek's current status: In bunker, writing.
  • Investigating checkmk probe that will check the status of hosted-ce's. Direct query of glideinwms factory seems dubious.




None this week