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Registering for the OSG COManage

OSG is using a new identity management system called COManage. Initially, this system will be used for managing access to OSG staff-internal monitoring webpages at UNL, and managing access for OASIS logins.

Follow the instructions below to register with COManage and join the OSG group.


This page is for users who want to register with COManage. If you are a COManage Admin and want to approve a user registration, go to the Approving COManage Registrations page instead.

  1. Go to

  2. Search for your institution and select it.

  3. Log in with your institutional credentials. You should reach the "OSG Registration: Self Signup With Approval" page.

  4. Click the "BEGIN" button.

  5. Enter your name and email address in the form fields; defaults might be filled in from what your institution provided, but you are permitted to change them. In particular, your email address does not have to match your login identity.

  6. Click the "SUBMIT" button.

  7. Check for an email from asking you to verify your OSG registration. Follow the link in the email. You should see an "Invitation to OSG" page.

  8. Click the "Accept" button. You should see a message on top saying "Petition Confirmed".

  9. Wait for approval from a COManage Admin. You will get an email from saying "Petition for changed status from Pending Approval to Approved". Ignore the links in the email.

  10. To verify your access, go to

    If you see a page saying "Welcome to OSG. Please select an action from the menus.", then your registration was successful.

    Otherwise, if you see the "Self Signup With Approval" page, then your registration was unsuccessful; contact for assistance.