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Container Release Policy

22 January 2021

Container images are an increasingly popular tool for shortening the software development life cycle, allowing for speedy deployment of new software versions or additional instances of a service. Select services in the OSG Software Stack will be distributed as container images to support VOs and sites that are interested in this model.

This document contains policy information for container images distributed by the OSG Software Team.

Contents and Sources

Similar to our existing RPM infrastructure, container image sources, build logs, and artifacts will be stored in publicly available repositories (e.g. GitHub, Docker Hub) for collaboration and traceability. Additionally, container images distributed by the OSG Software team will be based off of the latest version of a supported platform with software installed from OS, EPEL, and OSG Yum repositories.


OSG Software container images will be built at least weekly and tagged with one of the following:

Tag Description
testing For the latest fixes and features. Built with RPMs from the osg-testing and/or osg-upcoming-testing Yum repositories
release For production use. Built with RPMs from the osg-release and/or osg-upcoming-release Yum repositories
rc.testing.*, rc.release.* Release candidate images; see the Validation section below for details

Each newly built image from the table above will also be tagged with a -<TIMESTAMP> suffix to allow for rollback in case of broken images.


The OSG will keep images based on the Docker Hub image retention policy. In summary, container images that have not been pulled or updated in 6 months will be removed.


OSG Software container images consist of RPMs for OSG services that are tested through existing release processes as well as scripts and configuration specific to the container implementation of the service. New container images limited to RPM updates undergo additional automated testing before being published.

In order to test changes to container-specific scripts or configuration, OSG Software performs automated tests and coordinates testing of release candidate images (e.g. rc.testing.*, rc.release.*) before applying these changes to the testing and release image tags.

Change Log

  • 22 January 2021: Modify the tagging policy to more closely track OSG Yum repositories
  • 14 August 2020: Updated cleanup policy to match Docker Hub image retention policy.
  • 17 April 2019: Initial policy