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Globus mass update procedure

Globus consists of many packages, which we tend to update at the same time. This requires extra work, primarily to prevent dependency issues.

Prep work


Create a spreadsheet or table of the builds. Table should have NVR, perhaps URL, status (not started, imported, built, tested), and comments (mostly to record if it was a simple pass-through or not).

Get packages to update, using osg-outdated-epel-pkgs from opensciencegrid/tools.

To get in N-V-R format:

[[email protected]]$ ./osg-outdated-epel-pkgs | \
    egrep '^(globus|myproxy|gsi)' | \
    awk 'BEGIN {OFS=""} {print $1, "-", $3}'

or to split up N and V-R in a comma-separated way (which you can feed into a Google Sheet to turn it into two columns):

[[email protected]]$ ./osg-outdated-epel-pkgs | \
    egrep '^(globus|myproxy|gsi)' | \
    awk 'BEGIN {OFS=""} {print $1, ",", $3}'


Create a separate SVN branch and populate it with all the packages you will update. (Get the list from the doc created above).

[[email protected]]$ svn mkdir file:///p/vdt/workspace/svn/native/redhat/branches/globus
### From a checkout, in native/redhat
[[email protected]]$ for x in <PACKAGES>; do \
     svn copy $x branches/globus/${x#trunk/}; \

Koji (Mat/Carl)

This requires a Koji administrator. Koji admins as of August 2017 are Mat Selmeci and Carl Edquist.

Ensure Koji tags exist: a destination tag, and a build tag, one for each dver, e.g.:

  • el6-globus
  • el6-globus-build
  • el7-globus
  • el7-globus-build

Set up tag inheritence: base the build tags off of the corresponding dist-el?-build tag. This is because we don't want old osg packages interfering with the new versions we're building. These may already exist -- check the el?-globus-build tags in the web interface.

[[email protected]]$ for el in el6 el7; do \
        osg-koji add-tag --parent=dist-$el-build \
            --arches=x86_64 $el-globus-build; \

Tag buildsys-macros for the OSG release into the build tags:

[[email protected]]$ for el in el6 el7; do \
       buildsys_macros_nvr=$(osg-koji -q list-tagged osg-3.4-$el-development \
         buildsys-macros --latest | awk '{print $1}'); \
       osg-koji tag-pkg $el-globus-build $buildsys_macros_nvr; \

Ensure Koji targets exist, one for each dver, e.g.:

  • el6-globus (el6-globus-build → el6-globus)
  • el7-globus (el7-globus-build → el7-globus)
  • kojira-fake-el6-globus (el6-globus → kojira-fake)
  • kojira-fake-el7-globus (el7-globus → kojira-fake)
[[email protected]]$ for el in el6 el7; do \
       osg-koji add-target $el-globus $el-globus-build $el-globus; \
       osg-koji add-target kojira-fake-$el-globus $el-globus kojira-fake; \

If basing the packages off of the Globus repos, add the Globus repos as external repos, and add them to the build tags (but not the dest tags).

Edit /etc/koji-hub/plugins/sign.conf and set up the GPG signing for the RPMs. Run /etc/koji-hub/plugins/fix-permissions after editing the file.

Per-package work

  1. cd into branches/globus
  2. Download packages from

A useful alias:

[[email protected]]$ alias osg-build-globus="osg-build koji --ktt el6-globus --ktt el7-globus"

Strict pass-through (no osg/ directory)

  1. Run:

    [[email protected]]$ osg-import-srpm "<URL>"
    [[email protected]]$ osg-build-globus --scratch <PKG>
  2. Commit - use a message like "Update to 3.12-1 from EPEL (SOFTWARE-2197)"

  3. Do a non-scratch build.

Non-strict pass-through

  1. Run:

    [[email protected]]$ osg-import-srpm --diff3 "<URL>"
  2. Fix merge conflicts in the spec file. If not already there, put a .1 after the Release number to mark the changes as ours.

  3. Run:

    [[email protected]]$ osg-build quilt <PKG>
  4. Fix patches if necessary.

  5. Run:

    [[email protected]>]$ osg-build-globus --scratch <PKG>
  6. Commit - use a message like "Update to 8.29-1 from EPEL and merge OSG changes (SOFTWARE-2197)"

  7. Do a non-scratch build.


Create a yum .repo file similar to osg-minefield that installs from the el?-globus repos. Enable this and osg-minefield.

EL7 example:



Koji (Mat/Carl)

This requires a Koji administrator. Koji admins as of August 2017 are Mat Selmeci and Carl Edquist.

  1. Untag broken versions that we don't want to ship.
  2. Use move-pkg:
    [[email protected]>]$ for el in el6 el7; do \
            osg-koji -q list-tagged ${el}-globus | \
                awk '{print $1}' > ${el}-tagged.txt; \
    ### Check the txts if they look sane
    [[email protected]>]$ for el in el6 el7; do \
            xargs -a ${el}-tagged.txt \
                osg-koji move-pkg ${el}-globus \
                    osg-3.3-${el}-development; \


  1. Merge from trunk to branches/globus first, to pick up any globus changes that may have happened in trunk.
  2. Merge from branches/globus to trunk.
  3. Move branches/globus to tags/globus-<DATE>.