School Location

The school will be held at the University of Wisconsin–Madison in the Computer Sciences Department, located at 1210 West Dayton Street, Madison, WI, 53706. The main classroom is Room 1240. It is a 25 minute walk from the Best Western hotel.

Getting From the Best Western to Computer Sciences


  1. Exit the Best Western onto South Carroll Street and walk northwest for 1 block 2. Turn Left at West Washington Avenue, walk 2 blocks 3. Turn Right at North Henry Street, walk 2 blocks 4. Turn Left at West Dayton Street, continue west on Dayton for about 1 mile 5. The main entrance to the Computer Sciences building is on the right, midway down the 1200 block

Hotel Shuttle

The Best Western will provide free shuttle service between the hotel and Computer Sciences for those who need it or prefer not to walk.

Madison Metro City Bus Service

The official Madison Metro Bus page provides route maps and times for all Madison buses. Google Maps and the Wisconsin phone app also do a good job. Several bus lines run within a couple of blocks of the Best Western and Computer Sciences, and the buses are a great way to get around town when walking or if using the hotel shuttle is not an option.

Computer Sciences Building, Room 1240

School sessions, breakfasts, and lunches are held in Room 1240:

  1. Enter the Computer Sciences building through the glass doors on Dayton Street
  2. Turn left and go through two sets of double doors
  3. Walk down the hallway just a bit
  4. Room 1240 is on the right, up the ramp or a few stairs

The Computer Sciences building is a bit confusing — we will post signs to help you find your way. You can always ask people for directions if you get lost.