Thursday Exercise 1.1: Getting acquainted with OSG Connect

In this exercise, you'll get acquainted with the OSG Connect submit server (, and the OSG Connect helpdesk.

SSH to [email protected] in a command-line terminal.

Look around your 'home' directory

You'll notice the 'public', and 'stash' directories, which may be used in various specific OSG Connect guides. You'll use these spaces for different reasons. Make sure to read the OSG Connect helpdesk guides on data management and storage solutions.

Run condor_status

Running condor_status by itself on the OSG Connect submit host will give no output, but you can otherwise check with:

[email protected] $ condor_status -pool

Visit the helpdesk materials

Visit the Help desk page ( and take a look at the knowledge base articles. You will be using some of these in the next exercises.

Move on to the next exercise when you're ready to submit jobs!