OSG User School 2019 Final Assignment

The School focused on using high-throughput computing (HTC) to support and transform scientific inquiry. Your final assignment asks you to demonstrate what you have learned by describing how you would apply your new knowledge to a challenge in your scientific domain that requires significant computation. Our goals for this assignment are:


The assignment is a short paper. Please follow these guidelines:

This does not have to be a formal research paper or journal article - while you are welcome to include references and other information, our expectation is more along the lines of an informal whitepaper, proposal, or internal report.

Submit your paper in as a PDF — no Word or LaTeX documents, please!


This paper should describe how you would use large-scale computational resources (including, but not limited to the OSG) to approach a relevant scientific challenge.

First, choose a challenge or project to present. An ideal topic:

Often, school participants use whatever research project they are currently working on or planning to begin soon.

Next, think about your topic and how to apply what you learned during the School. Think about how to approach the computational needs of the project using local HTC resources or the Open Science Grid (OSG). We are not asking you to implement the system! Just imagine how you would do it. One approach is fine, but more than one approach is fine, too. Imagine that you will run on the resources available to you at your own institution. If your institution does not have a HTC system available, then think about what kind of resources you would want or how you could get access to resources via the OSG.

Having considered your project and how to approach it computationally, your assignment should then specifically address the following topics (you can use these points as an outline to structure your assignment, if you like):

In touching on each of the points above, it may be helpful to include information that addresses questions like these:


The paper is due 31 August 2019. We will consider individual requests for a time extension, but you need a good reason. Talk to us about the deadline, if it seems like a problem.


If you have any questions or comments about the assignment, please contact us at the user-school@opensciencegrid.org mailing list.