School Location

The school will be held at the University of Wisconsin–Madison in the Computer Sciences Department, located at 1210 West Dayton Street, Madison, WI, 53706. The main classroom is Room 1240.

See the local transportation page for suggestions about getting around Madison.

Computer Sciences Building, Room 1240

School sessions, breakfasts, and lunches are held in Room 1240:

  1. Enter the Computer Sciences building through the glass doors on Dayton Street
  2. Turn left and go through two sets of double doors
  3. Walk down the hallway just a bit
  4. Room 1240 is on the right, up the ramp or a few stairs

The Computer Sciences building is a bit confusing, especially if you use other entrances. However, there are signs that guide you to room 1240. You can always ask people for directions if you get lost.