Wednesday Afternoon Options

After Wednesday morning instruction and lunch, there are no required instructional activities. Therefore, you are free to explore Madison, rest, or stick around and talk to instructors or work on your projects.

Please note that School-Organized Activities are all free and walkable. If you are interested in the On Your Own activities also listed, or prefer not to walk, you will be responsible for you own transportation costs and activity costs. We cannot reimburse transportation costs for these Wednesday afternoon activities.

Map of Activities in Madison

Optional Learning Activities

After lunch, some optional learning activities will continue in Room 1240.

School-Organized Activities

After lunch, select School instructors will accompany interested students for the below activities, which are all free and walkable. You are welcome to arrange alternative transportation, but are responsible for any transportation costs.

On Your Own

Though the OSG User School has organized some activities (above) you are also welcome to strike out on your own. Just remember that you'll be responsible for any/all costs, including transportation. Some ideas are listed below.


Some Cost