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OSGVS21 Schedule

Below is a preliminary, high-level schedule for the OSG Virtual School 2021. Changes are likely before the event, and a more detailed schedule will be published. However, the basic plan will not change much.

Week 1: August 2–6

  • Monday: Lecture on a conceptual overview and School logistics; initial mentor meetings
  • Tuesday: Lecture and demonstrations of HTCondor basics; work time
  • Wednesday: Lecture and demonstrations of OSG basics; work time
  • Thursday: Lecture and demonstrations on software portability; work time
  • Friday: Lecture and demonstrations on data; work time

Week 2: August 9–13

  • Monday: Mentor meetings; work time
  • Tuesday: Special topics lectures; work time; mentor meetings
  • Wednesday: Showcase (Other researchers using HTC); work time
  • Thursday: Final consultations; work time
  • Friday: Lightning talks and group wrap-up; final consultations


  • Lectures and demonstrations will be offered twice on the same day, so you can choose a convenient time.

  • Work times are for working on exercises and getting your research code running; staff will be available to help.

  • Mentor meetings are one-on-one meetings with your assigned mentor.