The OSG Consortium builds and operates the OSG. Consortium members contribute effort and resources to the common infrastructure, with the goal of giving scientists from many fields access to shared resources worldwide.

Please see the list of Virtual Organizations.

The Council governs the consortium ensuring that the OSG benefits the scientific mission of its stakeholders.

The Executive Team manages the OSG project, which is organized into technical team areas.

The OSG is made up of Member Organizations who register with the OSG Operations Center and works with many Partner Organizations.

Virtual Organization

A Virtual Organization (VO) is a set of groups or individuals defined by some common cyber-infrastructure need. This can be a scientific experiment, a university campus or a distributed research effort. A VO represents all its members and their common needs in a grid environment. A VO also includes the group’s computing/storage resources and services. We typically use the terms site, computing element (CE), and/or storage element (SE) to refer to the resources owned and operated by a VO.

OSG brings together many VOs for contracted and/or opportunistic sharing of resources in a grid environment, allowing for more effective use of their collective resources. Use of resources at a site is determined by a combination of the site’s local policies and the user VO’s policies. VOs are responsible for contracting individually with each other for guaranteed access to resources.

Many VOs in the OSG address the specific requirements of their users with their own user support that provides more in-depth help than the OSG does. Additionally some VOs provide dedicated resources to the OSG that provide preferred access to their members. Some VOs provide a problem specific user interface to their members.

The OSG assumes that each user is preferably supported by their membership VO. Each VO is expected to register with the OSG and provide support for their members. OSG support is maintained through a VO representative for each VO rather than a member of a VO.

If you are not already part of a VO, you can join OSG via OSGConnect. OSGConnect welcomes any researcher affiliated with U.S. institutions and funded by U.S. funding agencies!

If you don’t know what VO you belong to or should belong to, please contact the Grid Operations Center for help.