Extra Support for COVID-19 Research | OSG

OSG Support for COVID-19 Research

Please contact us at [email protected] if your research group could benefit from computing resources or consulting related to COVID-19, or if you would like to support COVID-19 research by sharing your own capacity.

OSG is helping to organize extra resources to be made available to COVID-19 research! These resources include:

COVID-19 researchers can access OSG through the Open Science Pool (e.g., the “osg VO”), whether via the OSG Connect service, or by coordinating with us to route work from other submission points.

Sites Supporting COVID-19 Research

See a summary of COVID-19 projects and their usage on different sites in our dedicated COVID-19 accounting page.

Any computing resource provider supporting the osg VO (“Open Science Pool”, see above) is likely already providing hours to support COVID-19. If you would like to provide additional resources exclusive for COVID-19, instructions are available.

Other Activities