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Before considering an upgrade to OSG 3.6…

Due to potentially disruptive changes in protocols, contact your VO(s) to verify that they support token-based authentication and/or HTTP-based data transfer before considering an upgrade to OSG 3.6. If your VO(s) don't support these new protocols or you don't know which protocols your VO(s) support, install or remain on the OSG 3.5 release series

OSG 3.6 News

Supported OS Versions: EL7, EL8

The OSG 3.6 release series is a major overhaul of the OSG software stack compared to previous release series with changes to core protocols used for authentication and data transfer: bearer tokens, such as SciTokens or WLCG tokens, are used for authentication instead of GSI proxies and HTTP is used for data transfer instead of GridFTP.

To support these new protocols, OSG 3.6 includes HTCondor 8.9, HTCondor-CE 5, and will shortly include HTCondor 9.0, GlideinWMS 3.9, and XRootD 5.1. We also dropped support for the GridFTP, GSI authentication, and Hadoop.

Latest News

Known Issues

HTCondor-CE job routing to non-HTCondor batch systems fails due to an issue with blahp-1.18.48-2.4.osg36

March 25, 2021: HTCondor 8.9.11 patches

This release of OSG 3.6 contains the following packages:

  • HTCondor 8.9.11-1.4 (EL7 only)
    • Fixes a potential SchedD crash when using malformed tokens
    • condor_watch_q now works on DAGs
  • vo-client-110-1 with updated WeNMR VOMS information

Additionally, the following packages that were already available in OSG 3.6 for EL7 were released for EL8:

  • osg-scitokens-mapfile-1-1 containing a new HTCondor-CE mapfile for VO token issuers
  • vault-1.6.2-1 and htvault-config-0.5-1 for managing tokens
  • cvmfs-gateway-1.2.0-1: note the upstream documentation for updating from version 0.2.5

February 26, 2021: 3.6 Released

Where are GlideinWMS and XRootD?

XRootD and GlideinWMS are both absent in the initial OSG 3.6 release: we expect major version updates that may require manual intervention for both of these packages so we are holding their initial releases in this series until they are ready.

OSG 3.5 end-of-life

As a result of this initial OSG 3.6 release, the end-of-life dates have been set for OSG 3.5 per our policy: regular support will end in August 2021 and critical bug/security support will end in February 2022.

This initial release of the OSG 3.6 release series is based on the packages available in OSG 3.5.31. One of the major changes in this release series is the shift to token-based authentication from GSI proxy-based authentication. Here is a list of the differences in this initial release:

  • GridFTP, GSI, and Hadoop are no longer available
  • Added packages to support token-based authentication
  • HTCondor 8.9.11: initial token support (8.9.12, which will contain default configuration using tokens, was delayed)
  • HTCondor-CE 5.0.0: support for Python 3
  • Gratia Probe 2.0.0: replace all batch system probes with the non-root HTCondor-CE probe
  • OSG-Configure 4.0.0:
    • Deprecated RSV
    • Dropped unused configuration modules and attributes
    • Reorganized some configuration (see update instructions for more details)

In addition, we have updated our Software Release Policy to follow a rolling release model.

Finally, our Docker image releases will more closely track our OSG 3.6 repositories.


Updates to critical packages also announced by email and are sent to the following recipients and lists: