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GOC Condor Collector Service Level Agreement

About This Document

This document details a service level agreement which outlines production expectations for the GOC Condor Collector and defines general support infrastructure for the service.

Version Control

Version Number Date Author Comments
1.1 9-24-2014 Scott Teige First Draft

Executive Summary

This SLA is an agreement between OSG and OSG Stakeholders pertaining to the operation of the OSG Condor Collector service.


The Condor Collector SLA is owned by OSG Operations. It will be reviewed by and agreed upon by the OSG Executive Team.

Service Name and Description


GOC Condor Collector


The grid-facing component of the HTCondor compute element system available for use by all OSG VOs.

Security Considerations

All information associated with the service is covered by the Indiana University privacy policy. Effect of compromise of this service are limited to the service. A compromise may make the service unusable by compute elements using it.

Service Target Response Priorities and Response Times

This section deals with unplanned outages. Please see Requests for Service Enhancement for information on planned maintenance outages.

Critical High Elevated Normal
Description * * * * * *
This service does not have critical priority This service does not have high priority This issue prevents all new sites from advertising in the info service or clients from querying the service. This issue causes intermittent drops of updates or query failures. The issue prevents effective monitoring or full utilization of the Condor pool
Response Time * * * * * *
N/A N/A Within 2 business days Within 10 business days
Resolution Time * * * * * *
N/A N/A The maximum acceptable resolution time is five (5) business days The maximum acceptable resolution time is ten (10) business days
Escalates Every * * * * * *
N/A N/A Five Days Ten Days

Escalation Contacts

Escalation Level OSG Contact
1st OSG Operations Infrastructure Lead
2nd OSG Operations Coordinator
3rd OSG Production Coordinator
4th OSG Technical Director and Executive Director

Critical Level Security Issues will be elevated immediately to the OSG Security Team.

Detailed information on contacts are viewable on the following MyOSG URL, and are maintained within the

Any ongoing "Normal" or "Elevated" level issues will be discussed at the weekly Operations and Production meetings.

Service Availability and Outages

The GOC will strive for 90% service availability. If service availability falls below 90% monthly as monitored by the GOC a root cause analysis and service plan will be submitted to the OSG stakeholders for plans to restore an acceptable level of service availability.

Reliability and availability will be determined by 2 critical RSV probes and the OSG availability algorithm. * One probe will verify the Condor collector is queryable whenever the host is pingable (i.e., reasonably not a network failure). * The other probe will verify an automatically generated configuration file has been updated recently

Service Support Hours

This service will be run for 24x7, but support will primarily be within business hours. The exception is for security incidents.

Service Off-Hours Support Procedures

All operational issues should be reported as per Customer Problem Reporting section.

Requests for Service Enhancements

OSG Operations will provide enhancement capabilities only as they are released by the HTCondor project or OSG Technology Group. Requests for customization of the deployed service may be made; OSG Operations has the right of up to one month of testing of any change.

OSG will give 1 week of warning prior to any change in the Collector service version. At any time during this week, Stakeholders are permitted to request a delay for up to 1 week after the originally scheduled upgrade.

OSG Operations will schedule downtimes and configuration changes during normal business hours unless approved by affected stakeholders. This is done so affected stakeholders are always on-hand in case if the downtime and changes cause further issues.

Customer Problem Reporting

Problems should be reported immediately at


  • The Collector will be run by OSG Operations and accessible to HTCondor compute elements.
  • Problems not associated with the hardware, operating system or network are the responsibilty of the Technology Group.

Service Measuring and Reporting

The GOC will provide the following reports in the intervals indicated (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually):

Report Name Reporting Interval Delivery Method Responsible Party
System Availability and Reliability Monthly Web Posting GOC

SLA Validity Period

This SLA will be in affect for one year.

SLA Review Procedure

This SLA will renew automatically on a yearly basis unless change or update is requested by the OSG Operations Coordinator, the OSG Executive Team or the Stakeholders.


Appendix A - Approval

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