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External OASIS Repositories

We offer hosting of non-OSG CVMFS repositories on OASIS. This means that requests to create, rename, remove, or blanking OASIS repositories will come in as GOC tickets. This document contains instructions for handling those tickets.

Requests to Host a Repository on OASIS

  1. Ensure that the repository administrator is valid for the VO. This can be done by (a) OSG already having a relationship with the person or (b) the contacting the VO manager to find out. Also, the person should be listed in the OSG topology contacts list.

  2. Review provided URL and verify that it is appropriate for the VO. Then, add the repository URL to the topology for given VO under the OASISRepoURLs. This should cause the repository's configuration to be added to the OSG Stratum-0 within 15 minutes after URL is added into the topology. For example, if new URL is for the VO DUNE edit the following under the OASIS section and create PR:

    git clone git://
    vim topology/virtual-organizations/DUNE.yaml

    When PR is approved, check on the host whether the new repository was successfuly signed. There should be sign of it in the log file /var/log/oasis/generate_whitelists.log:

    Tue Sep 25 17:34:02 2018 Running add_osg_repository Signing 7 day whitelist with masterkeycard... done

  3. If the respository ends in a new domain name that has not been distributed before, then place a copy of the public key into /srv/etc/keys on both oasis-replica and oasis-replica-itb. If you do not have that key, then ask the repository service representative how to obtain it. In order to support CVMFS client versions 2.2.X, also make a symbolic link of /cvmfs/ pointing to default.conf. This symbolic link has to be created on the oasis-itb machine's copy of the repository and then copied to production with the copy_config_osg command on the oasis machine.

  4. If the repository name does not match * or *, skip this step and go on to your next step. If it does match one of those two patterns, then respond to the ticket to tell the administrator to continue with their next step (their step 4).
    We don't want them to continue before 15 minutes has elapsed after step 2 above, so either wait that much time or tell them the time they may proceed (15 minutes after you updated OIM). Then wait until the admin has updated the ticket to indicate that they have completed their step before moving on.

  5. Ask the administrator of the BNL stratum 1 John S. De Stefano Jr. also add the new repository. The BNL Stratum-1 administrator should set the service to read from When the BNL Stratum-1 operator has reported back that the replication is ready, respond to the requester that the repository is fully replicated on the OSG and close the ticket.

Requests to Change the URL of an External Repository

If there is a request to change the URL of an external repository, update the registered value in OASISRepoURLs for the respective VO in the topology.
Tell the requester that it is ready 15 minutes after topology is updated.

Requests to Remove an External Repository

  1. After validating that the ticket submitter is authorized by the VO's OASIS manager, delete the registered value for in OIM for the VO in OASIS Repo URLs.
  2. Add the FNAL and BNL Stratum-1 operators to the ticket and ask them to remove the repository. Wait for the Stratum-1 operators to finish before proceeding.
  3. Run cvmfs_server rmfs -f and rm -r /oasissrv/cvmfs/ on oasis-replica-itb and oasis-replica
  4. Run the following command on oasis-itb and oasis:
    rm -r /srv/cvmfs/

Requests to Blank an External Repository

  1. If there is a need to shut down the distribution of a repository, run blank_osg_repository on oasis-replica and give it the full name of the repository. This will rename the repository directories to a name with the current timestamp and replace it with a blank repository. It includes a step to run on the oasis machine, and attempts to do it with ssh, but if that fails it prints instructions on how to finish by logging in to the oasis machine manually.
  2. When it is time to put the repository back into production, run unblank_osg_repository on oasis-replica and gives it the full name of the repository again. This will find the directory with the old timestamp and put it back into service. This step also attempts to ssh to the oasis machine.