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Review OSG Software Documentation

To maintain quality documentation, we must regularly review our documentation for clarity and correctness. We differentiate between two types of reviews, content and editorial, which you can think of as for correctness and clarity, respectively. If you are reviewing a document as part of the release process, perform a content review.

After completing a review, update the appropriate columns in the document tracking spreadsheet. Speak to Brian Lin for write access.

Content Review

Content reviews are for validating the correctness of technical steps and details. To perform a content review, follow the instructions of the document to a tee as if you were an OSG neophyte. Things to note and/or fix:

  • After completing the instructions in the document:
    • Does the document inform you how to use the product?
    • Does the document tell you how to verify that the product is functioning?
    • Does the product work?
  • Incorrect or out of date instructions
  • Steps that may be particularly conducive to software or default configuration as a solution
  • Lack of clarity or any other confusion you may have

Editorial Review

Editorial reviews are for ensuring docs meet our style and layout guidelines; improving readability; and proofing spelling, grammar, and punctuation.