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How to Prepare a New Release Series


This document was specifically written for OSG 3.4 and will need to be adapted to work for 3.5, 3.6, etc.

The information was taken from SOFTWARE-2622 and Matyas's notes for the OSG 3.4 release.

Do first, anytime before the month of the release

  • Add 3.4 koji tags and targets

  • Add Koji package signing

    • Edit /etc/koji-hub/plugins/sign.conf; copy and modify one of the other osg entries
    • Ensure the permissions are 0600 apache:apache
    • Save the result with etckeeper commit
  • Update osg-build to use the new koji tags and targets (not by default of course)

    • See the Git commits on opensciencegrid/osg-build for SOFTWARE-2693 for details on how to do this
    • You will be using this version of osg-build for some tasks, even if it hasn't been released

Do afterward, anytime before the month of the release

  • Create a blank osg-3.4 SVN branch and add buildsys-macros package

    1. svn copy buildsys-macros from trunk and hand-edit it to hardcode all the new values

      For EL 6:

      1. Edit the spec file and set dver to 6
      2. Run the following commands (adjust the NVR as necessary):
        $ osg-build rpmbuild --el6
        $ osg-koji import _build_results/buildsys-macros-*.el6.src.rpm
        $ osg-koji import _build_results/buildsys-macros-*.el6.noarch.rpm
        $ osg-koji tag-pkg osg-3.4-el6-development buildsys-macros-7-5.osg34.el6

      Then do the same for EL 7:

      1. Edit the spec file and set dver to 7
      2. Run the following commands (adjust the NVR as necessary):
        $ osg-build rpmbuild --el7
        $ osg-koji import _build_results/buildsys-macros-*.el7.src.rpm
        $ osg-koji import _build_results/buildsys-macros-*.el7.noarch.rpm
        $ osg-koji tag-pkg osg-3.4-el7-development buildsys-macros-7-5.osg34.el7
    2. Do a 'real' build of buildsys-macros

      1. Bump the revision in the buildsys-macros spec file and edit the %changelog. Again, you will need a version of osg-build with 3.4 support.

      2. Set dver to 6. Commit

        $ osg-build koji --repo=3.4 --el6
      3. Set dver to 7. Commit

        $ osg-build koji --repo=3.4 --el7
  • Update tarball-client scripts

    • bundles.ini
    • patches/
    • upload-tarballs-to-oasis (for 3.4, foreach_dver_arch will need to be updated because we're dropping i386 support)
  • Populate the bootstrap tags

    Need to have them inherit from the 3.3 development tags, but only packages, not builds (hence the --noconfig; yes, the name is weird)

    $ for el in el6 el7; do \
        for repo in 3.3 upcoming; do \
            osg-koji add-tag-inheritance --noconfig --priority=2 \
                osg-3.4-$el-bootstrap osg-$repo-$el-development; \
        done; \
  • Get the actual NVRs to tag

    • I put Brian's spreadsheet into Excel and used its filtering feature to separate out:
      • the packages going into 3.4.0
      • the el6 versus el7 packages
    • and copied the column containing the NVRs into Vim, and did a search&replace of the dver to the appropriate version
    • saved two text files (pkgtotag-el6.txt and pkgtotag-el7.txt)
    • Tagging:

      $ for el in el6 el7; do \
          xargs -a pkgtotag-$el osg-koji tag-pkg osg-3.4-$el-bootstrap; \

      (btw, xargs -a doesn't work on a Mac)

Do on the month of the 3.4.0 release

  • Populate SVN branch and tags (as in fill it with the packages we're going to release for 3.4)
  • Mass rebuild
    • Don't forget to update the empty and contrib tags with the appropriate packages; remove the empty* packages from the development tags after they've been tagged into the empty tags
  • Update mash
    • On repo-itb
    • On repo
  • Update documentation here
  • Update osg-test / vmu-test-runs
    • They're only going to test from minefield (and eventurally testing) until the release
  • Drop the osg-3.4-elX-bootstrap koji tags (after the successful mass rebuild only)

Do immediately after the 3.4.0 release

  • Update tag inheritance on the upcoming-build tags to inherit from 3.4-devel instead of 3.3-devel

Do sometime after the 3.4.0 release

  • Do these three at the same time:
    • Move the SVN trunk to branches/osg-3.3 and move branches/osg-3.4 to trunk
    • Update the koji osg-elX build targets to build from and to 3.4 instead of 3.3
    • Notify the software list of this change
  • Update osg-test / vmu-test-runs again to add release and release -> testing tests
  • Update the docker-osg-wn-client scripts to build from 3.4 (need direct push access)

    1. Update the constants in the genbranches script in the docker-osg-wn-scripts repo
    2. Update the branches in docker-osg-wn-client; a script like this ought to work:

      git clone [email protected]:opensciencegrid/docker-osg-wn-scripts.git
      git clone [email protected]:opensciencegrid/docker-osg-wn.git
      cd docker-osg-wn-scripts
      cd ../docker-osg-wn
      for bpath in ../docker-osg-wn-scripts/branches/*; do
          git checkout -b $b master && \
              mv $bpath && \
              git add && \
              git commit -m "Add branch $b"

      and then run a similar script to update the existing branches Check the results before pushing, and then run git push --all

    3. Update the arrays in update-all and osg-wn-nightly-build in docker-osg-wn-scripts

  • Update the default promotion route aliases in osg-promote

  • Update documentation again to reflect that 3.4 is now the main branch and 3.3 is the maintenance branch: